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One of the emerging industrial areas of Ecomondo is the Italian and European Bio-based industry i.e. multi-product biorefineries (which produce several chemical compounds and biogas) and non-food biomass refineries, from wood cellulose and from organic waste, to be introduced in abandoned industrial areas. Reduction of food wastage, efficient energy use and transformation of the food industry including the integrated exploitation of its by-products and waste.

At Ecomondo you can find the industrial initiatives and major players in the Circular Economy biobased industry development sector, in line with the new directives of COP 21.  Companies that develop biopolymers, bioplastics, producers of organic waste derived material converters, industrial bodies engaged in producing renewable organic resources and converting them, through efficient industrial biotechnologies, organically based products and products from bioenergy, including food, feed, surfactants, etc. under the heading of "chemicals". In short, all the small-large multi-product biorefineries.

Exhibitor Targets: industrial biotechnology, algae, biomass, biorefineries, biopolymers, Biofuels, biobased chemicals, biobased lubricants, biobased surfactants, biobased materials, including building materials

Visitor targets: purchasers looking for applications from biochemical companies, systems, feedstock, suppliers, consultants, R&D investors and analysts, professionals, researchers at academic institutions, policy-makers, regulators, NGOs.

The importance of procuring and recycling materials for a sustainable circular economy: Ecomondo takes up the challenge, tracing out the path for the development of new and sustainable technologies with the aim of reducing the dependence of the European manufacturing industry on foreign procurement.

Again within the context of Biobased Industry, this year too extensive space and visibility will be provided for the ‘core’ supply chains historically represented:  Composting system producers - Anaerobic digestions systems, both from organic solid urban waste and organic material from agriculture, forestry and wine-making to produce biogas and biomethane. Systems based on biomass, biomass cogeneration, biomass exploitation, heat processes

- Biomethane and carbon lowering, not only in our energy system but also the agricultural and chemical systems, attainable environmental benefits


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