Ecomondo's ROAD MAP in the heart of the Mediterranean and Southern Europe

Ecomondo´s international Road Map is continuing in 2016 with a programme of activities spread over the year targeting key markets of interest to Italian enterprises. Activities include a series of forums, technical and scientific events and customer-oriented presentations of Italy´s industrial platform and introduce the Italian system to key stakeholders in each of the target countries.

Events have already been planned for Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Turkey and Israel.
Other stages will involve Eastern Europe: Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria.

The Road Map shall also be visiting South Africa, Mexico and Brazil in the rest of the world.
Events will involve some of the top exhibitors at Ecomondo, who will accompany the Road Map and provide promotional and commercial testimonials.

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China, Brazil and Mexico are just some of the strategic countries where we shall be presenting information on technical innovations and market opportunities in Italy and for transfer abroad through a qualified network of national and international partners and in close cooperation with the embassies and governmental organisations of the countries involved.
In 2016 more than 2,000 business meetings with buyers and qualified delegations from the industrial and environmental service management sector were organised.