Special initiatives

A new exhibition area will host conventions and workshops as well as presenting opportunities for financing European industrial innovation in the arena of the green economy.

Included in the convention topics are:

  • European instruments and strategies supporting eco-innovation
  • Instruments for evaluating the sustainability of products/processes: Environmental and Social LCA, Life Cycle Costing, Environmental Footprint, Carbon & Water Footprint, Emergy, MFA, multi-criteria analysis
  • The Recycling Industry: Technologies and methods for the recovery of raw materials from complex hi-tech type end-of-life products
  • Product Eco-innovation
  • Stakeholder event of BIOCLEAN FP7 project: New biotechnological approaches for biodegrading and promoting the environmental biotransformation of synthetic polymeric materials
  • Industrial symbiosis
  • The role of organised logistics in the policies of sustainable production and consumption. The initiatives in Europe 

Antonio Di Giulio Direttore Generale Ricerca E Innovazione Commissione Europea