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At Ecomondo a focus on opportunities and prospects with national and international experts.Speech by project manager Ashima Sukhdev of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation,key player in the spread of Circular Economy

.Rimini, 6th november 2016 - The Circular Economy can give benefits in numerous contexts in the administration of cities. At ECOMONDO (8-11 November, Rimini Fiera), attendees will be offered the possibility of discussing in depth the opportunities that the implementation of the Circular Economy in an urban context create, particularly if combined with the recent technologies and functions featured in new Smart Cities. There are already some virtuous examples in Europe (e.g. Amsterdam with its city planning based on principles of circularity, Hanover with its zero-waste and sustainable design, etc.), but the widespread diffusion of these trends is in fact still very limited. Experts, service providers and public administrations will enable to outline opportunities and prospects in Italy and in Europe to build the cities of the future.
This topic will be at the centre of the conference ´Circular Economy & Smart Cities: opportunities and outlook´, scheduled for Wednesday 9th November (2 . 6 pm) and chaired by Professor Gian Marco Revel, Marche Polytechnic University, Coordinator of the Italian Construction Technology Platform, and concluded by Carlo Maria Medaglia, Head of the Technical Secretariat of the Ministry for the Environment. Speakers at the conference will include Ashima Sukhdev, project manager of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, key player of the most important network of actors involved in spreading the Circular Economy, at Ecomondo for the first time.
Professor Gian Marco Revel explains, ´A Smart City can be intended as a city or a community in which public institutions, citizens and the business and research worlds join forces in an effort to improve the quality of city life, by means of integrated, sustainable and technologically advanced solutions. The necessary involvement of key players according to which we can establish intelligent development requires a model with which to redefine how our society grows: circular economy fully meets this requirement.´ He continues, ´The fact that with it action is taken simultaneously on production and consumption methods, on the waste cycle, on the necessity to create a system of incentives, deterrents and labelling implies the direct involvement of the four aforementioned driving forces (institutions, citizens, enterprises and universities/research centre), with positive effects on the environment, the economy (from the point of view of both the creation of enterprises and the maintenance or rise in employment levels), social cohesion and quality of life.´
It is estimated that the implementation of the model of economy circular on a European scale could lead to annual saving in terms of production costs of 1,800 billion euros until 2030, an increase in income at families´ disposal of up to 11% compared to the current development scenario, or 7% in terms of GDP, and 160,000 more jobs. Professor Revel concludes, ´Important example are already working, such as in the case of Singapore, where the municipal administration pays for public lighting a service rather than a product: Philips installs and maintains the LEDs, which at the end of their life cycle are withdrawn, replaced and recycled in the manufacturing chain. Smart Cities and Circular Economy: closing the loop!´
Category: International exhibition; Organizer: IEG SpA; Patronages: these include the European Commission, the Italian Ministry for the Environment and the Protection of Land and Sea, the Ministry for Economic Development, the Ministry for Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies, Unioncamere, Emilia Romagna Region and Rimini Municipality; frequency: annual; edition: 20th; admittance: trade members and general public; tickets: full-price 20 euros; free admission for children up to 12 years of age; reduced-rate ticket 8 euros; University students (who must show their record-book) 3 euros; hours: 9 am-6 pm, last day 9am-5pm; visitor info: tel. +39 0541 744111; e-mail:; Web site:; Facebook:; Twitter:; official hashtag: #ecomondo

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