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The European Commission is taking part with the two key directors of its bioeconomy sector, John Bell and Philippe Mengal

.Willy Verstraete, authority of international importance on matters of applied microbiology applied to the treatment of wastewater and organic waste
will bring his revolutionary thesis on the future of wastewater treatment plants to Rimini

At the States General of the Green Economy, Minister Gian Luca Galletti on the opening day, along with Simona Bonafé, member of the European parliament. Minister Delrio invited for the closing ceremony.

Rimini, 6th November 2016 - In the coming days, the promotion of the circular economy, fundamental topic of ECOMONDO (8-11 November), will bring to Rimini Fiera the major Italian and European players committed to creating favourable terrain for what is asserting itself as the new driver for the development of the green economy. In a program of over 130 conferences and seminars, several ´Flagship events´ will offer the opportunity of networking at extremely high level on the major issues of the green economy, with the participation of high profile personalities from both the scientific and institutional worlds.

The two key players of European bioeconomy at European Commission level will be in Italy for the first time: John Bell, Director of Bioeconomy Directorate of the Commission European, and Philippe Mengal, Executive Director of the Biobased Industries Joint Undertaking public/private partnership, who, on Wednesday 9th November, will speak at the conference entitled ´Horizon 2020 and the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU): opportunities for jobs and growth in the Mediterranean region´.

In the context of the Global Water Expo section, there will be the very important participation of a personality of international level such as Professor Willy Verstraete, professor emeritus at the University of Gent (Belgium), an absolute authority on matters of microbiology applied to wastewater and organic waste treatment. On 9th November, the illustrious scientist will take part in Ecomondo with a speech entitled ´From Ôwaste´ to Ôused´ water treatment plants: towards resource recovery facilities´ in the context of the conference ´Water management within the circular economy. Resource recovery from the water cycle: market, value chains and new perspective for the water utilities and chemical industry´. Professor Willy Verstraete personally defines his thesis and proposals as ´revolutionary´, because the studies and techniques that Professor Verstraete has investigated for decades suggest a radical change compared to current wastewater treatment systems.

Ashima Sukhdev, Project Manager of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, world-leading institution for the promotion and development of the circular economy, will speak at the conference ´Circular Economy & Smart Cities: opportunities and prospects´, scheduled for Wednesday 9th November. On the same day, Ashima Sukhdev will also speak at the meeting ´Cities: drivers of the green economy´ scheduled in the closing session of the States General of the Green Economy (8-9 November), to which the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Graziano Delrio has been invited.

On the occasion of the two days of the States General of the Green Economy (entitled ´The Italian green economy in the world´) Rimini Fiera will also host the Minister for the Environment Gian Luca Galletti, who, on the morning of Tuesday 8th November, will inaugurate Ecomondo, and member of the European Parliament Simona Bonafé, proposer of the project for the amendment of European directives on the circular economy.
´The idea that the challenge of the environment and sustainability represents an extraordinary opportunity, not a troublesome limit is now increasingly widespread In Europe´, states the member of the European parliament. ´Concepts such as those of the circular economy already permeate the way of thinking of the major continental institutions. With time, we realize that moving in this direction enables to safeguard the environment, but also creates new jobs and positive new solutions for the economy.´

There is also an important participant at the conference ´Circular economy and urban waste management: let´s start .... circulating in it´ (on Thursday 10th November): Françoise Bonnet, Secretary General ACR +, Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and sustainable Resource management. The conference will focus attention on the economic and environmental implications connected with the application of the principles of Circular Economy to municipal waste management to go beyond the juridical and bureaucratic approach to the question and discussion only focussed on source-segregated waste collection. Some Italian and European examples and case studies will also be presented of real-life applications of the circular economy in the waste sector.

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