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9,000 buyers awaited from 60 countries. The relationship with ICE Agency

.Rimini, 31st October 2017 . ECOMONDO´s expo proposal and seminars have a high international profile. On the expo days 9,000 foreign professionals and trade/industry members are awaited from 60 countries, who will meet Italy´s green economy system.

The results of a worldwide roadshow, staged in recent months with over 50 appointments throughout the world, including Expo 2017 in Astana, will be seen during the expo days.

Connections with foreign visitors are also possible thanks to the ICE Italian Trade Agency. By means of the office Industrial Technology, Energy and Environment office, about a hundred professionals from the environment sector will arrive at Ecomondo from China, Canada, Israel and the Gulf Area, as well as from numerous African countries (North Africa and sub-Sahara Africa). In particular from Angola, Congo, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Ghana and South Africa and, from the Mediterranean area ,Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia.
They will be trade/industry members and investors interested in all the environment technologies, from renewable energy to waste treatment and recycling, wastewater treatment and bioeconomy who are visiting Ecomondo for the first time and will be involved in B2B meeting sessions with the exhibitors.

There is also a proactive collaboration with the Ministry for the Environment as the team leader in the organization of an institutional delegation from Lebanon, Morocco, China and Iran which will take part in some of the numerous international seminars, also as speakers.

Another key partner for the expos´ internationalization is UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), with which visiting delegations have been organized from Iran and Botswana, investors interested respectively in renewable energies and biogas for the construction of plants.

Other delegations of buyers and institutional visitors have been ensured by IEG´s widespread foreign network: visits are awaited from Latin America, the Mediterranean Basin, Poland, Russia and ex-CSI Republics, Bulgaria, ex- Yugoslavia, Finland, Spain, Romania and the Czech Republic.

There is also the important participation of the ISWA . International Solid Waste Association, at Ecomondo for the third time. ISWA will release two new reports: 4th Industrial Revolution and Marine Litter.

Ecomondo and Key Energy are expos of increasingly international importance also thanks to the contents of the program of meetings, conferences, seminars and round tables created specifically to ensure an interesting range of topics for foreign visitors. About fifteen events, in a schedule with over 200 appointments involving about a thousand speakers.
On the topic of waste management, on Tuesday 7th November the workshop Integrated management and enhancement of secondary organic flows of urban origin intends presenting and comparing the most advanced programs . featuring the case studies of some European cities, such as Barcelona, South Wales locations and Maribor (Slovenia) . regarding the integrated management of organic municipal waste with domestic sewage and purification sludge, and the new technological chains that enable to achieve the combined production of compost and biogas.

Organized by Utilitalia along with the Ecomondo Scientific Committee, on Wednesday 8th November the appointment is with in-depth coverage of Municipal waste management in urban areas: comparing international experiences in the perspective of circular economy, the eleventh annual meeting to examine progress in municipal waste management. Over the last three years there have been comparisons of experiences in major EU capitals, such as Berlin, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan and Rome, in medium-sized cities, such as Ljubljana, Munich, Florence, Bologna and Parma, and in southern municipal areas such as Barcelona, Oporto, Bari, Naples and Palermo, gathering very useful know-how. Under the magnifying glass Paris, Almere, Florence and Milan.

Also on Ecomondo´s opening day (Tuesday 7th November) the Info Day organized by the Emilia-Romagna Region on the Co-Evolve project (Interreg MED 2016-2019) to present and encourage discussion on the main strategies and initiatives under way for the development of sustainable coastal and maritime tourism in the Mediterranean. Sustainability of coastal and maritime tourism and blue growth of the Mediterranean is the title of the conference, which refers to the EU Blue Growth Strategy, which identifies costal and maritime tourism as a sector with a particular potential for promoting an intelligent, sustainable and inclusive Europe.

On Wednesday 8th November, the program features a meeting on the topic Circular & Smart Cities, an event by the Ecomondo Technical Scientific Committee presenting and discussing various aspects connected with the application of the paradigm of circular economy in an urban context, by means of modern technology, such as the Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics. The implementation and control of innovative instruments require coordination work between the companies providing the services to the city and local Public Authorities. Recent experiences and initiatives in various countries will be discussed, in order to identify the best practices to carry out in favour of the population.

On the same day, the flagship event of the Global Water section: Smart water quality monitoring for river and lake basins. An event dedicated to digital solutions, including those of industry 4.0 (the Internet of things), for optimizing the water sector. The meeting, coordinated by Professor Francesco Fatone, is organized by the Ecomondo Scientific Committee and starts off from the innovative action at European level of Intcatch which, in the context of the Horizon 2020 project, aims at radically changing the way in which water resources are monitored and managed. The case study in Italy for Intcatch´s innovative solutions is the Lake Garda basin.

Circular raw materials and resource efficiency, on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th November, organized by Enea, Edizioni Ambiente, Renewable Matter and Ecomondo Technical Scientific Committee, is a conference to give in-depth coverage of the new industrial approach that transforms the circular economy into concrete practices. Participants will include the main players at European level on matters of circular economy, exponents of the Ministry for the Environment and Development, Confindustria and the FISE Unire association for an in-depth look at the main European and national strategies on the issue of circular economy.

Proposed by the National technological platform for biomethane and the Ecomondo Technical Scientific Committee the meeting on Biomethane: agricultural and industrial revolution (Wednesday 8th November). Innovative technological solutions will be presented and the signature of the Agreement Protocol of the National biomethane Technological Platform, for the development of biomethane as a strategic resource for greening the gas network and for decarbonization procedure.

On Thursday 9th November Ecomondo is hosting the discussion on the European Construction & Demolition Waste Management Protocol, while on the closing day, Friday 10th November, there will be international conferences on Energy-efficient urban-scale optimization: projects and innovation opportunities; Prevention measures and management for a more productive sea organized along with Legambiente, ENEA, University of Bologna, University of Siena, Blue Growth Cluster, Sustainable Development Solutions; REACH Regulations and circular economy: a feasible coexistence thanks to technological innovation, organized by ENEA and Italy´s Ministry of Economy.

The state of the art on matters of wind energy throughout the world and opportunities for markets´ development on a national and international scale are the issues of the round table organized by the ANEV entitled Wind energy: international market, proposed in the context of Key Energy on Wednesday 8th November.

The complete conference program is constantly updated and can be found following this link:

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