Special initiatives

The New Economy represented through the life cycle of new material.

The project involves an exhibition area (Gallery) with a pathway of innovative projects, materials and products, which illustrate what circular economy is and how it’s expressed in a circular industry, services and goods. Through storytelling, we will aim to narrate the success stories that this innovation have generated.

The project consist in the planning and setting-up of a dedicated “scenic and theatrical space” in pavilion D3, reserved to Bio Economy and Circular Economy

The area will be divided in about 6 zones, each one representing a different theme which indicates in turn a sector:

  • Bio materials
  • Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Textile
  • Construction Industry
  • Innovation (Start-Up)

In its own space, each sector will create a representation illustrating the referring supply chain: Materials and products are alternated with impressive videos showing images and content explaining the “circular tale” for that sector.


It is possible to participate to the project in different modalities:

  • Main Institutional Sponsor: You will organize part of the multimedia wall and become the main character of one of the show / storytelling;
  • Main Business Sponsor:  You are a business recognised along your supply  chain for your innovations;
  • Gold Partner : You contribute to the shows / storytelling but are not the sole player;
  • Testimonial : You will participate to the initiative with the presence of your brand;