Special initiatives

Ecomondo and Key Energy have always encouraged interaction between producers, industrial concerns, associations and researchers, spreading awareness of the strategic value of anaerobic digestion such as “Biogas Refinery”, which has become one of the main drivers of the event.
A reference destination for all sector operators, with their synergies and technological excellence, and for the decision-makers in energy transition and decarbonisation within the Italian production system,

Ecomondo has supported and launched, on 9 November last year, the First national Biomethane Platform. The aim of the platform, guided by the CIB and CIC (Italian Biogas Consortium & Italian Composting and Biogas Association), is to strengthen the strategic alliance with the natural gas industry, taking biomethane as the point of transition between renewable and traditional energy.

Targets involved:

  • Producers (Agriculture: CIB - CONFAGRI [General Confederation of Italian Agriculture], OFMSW, CIC, UTILITALIA [Italian Utilities Federation])
  • Industry (FCA, CNH, LANDI, BRC)
  • Distribution (SNAM; ANIGAS [Italian Gas Industry Association])
  • Transport (ASSOGASMETANO [Italian Vehicle Methane Distributor Association])
  • The markets for methane (mobility, cogeneration, heat), traction and methane energy “tradition”
  • A new process towards greening the gas network: from methane to biomethane, their use in the automotive sector

Positioning on the biomethane transport network and outside: CNG, LNG

For further informations:

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