While the world is focused on recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, the climate crisis continues.

The pandemic triggered a fall in emissions in 2020, but this effect will only be temporary without a significant and planned shift towards low-carbon emissions.

The world is still heading towards a catastrophic rise in temperature of over 3° C this century, well beyond the Paris Agreement objectives of limiting global warming to below 2° C, and preferably 1.5° C.

Did you know that:

  • the planet loses 4.7 million hectares of forest a year, an area larger than Denmark;
  • a healthy ecosystem helps protect us from disease. Biological diversity makes it difficult for pathogens to spread quickly;
  • it is estimated that around one million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction;
  • food waste accounts for more than 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions produced by man. According to the United Nations, if food waste were a country, it would be the third largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world;
  • countries can reduce the intensity of agricultural emissions by adopting regenerative agricultural practices;
  • we need to reform shipping and aviation, which account for 5% of global emissions;
  • we need to reform consumer behaviour: approximately two thirds of global emissions are generated by private households.
    The wealthiest 1% of the world’s population produces more emissions than the poorest 50 (UNO data).


All of us, from governments to companies to individual consumers, must work together to deal with a growing crisis.
We must act now.


Ecomondo’s commitment

We have worked for years with companies, institutions, research bodies and leading experts to promote the development of the circular economy and support innovation and technologies for a more sustainable future.

Now we have gone one step further: we are creating the Ecomondo Forest!

It is a simple gesture: we plant trees where they are most needed.

Simple gestures can encapsulate great things.

Greenery purifies the air, captures fine dust, helps reabsorb Co2 emissions and improves microclimates. 

This is also a way of supporting the development of the green and circular economy in Italy and worldwide, and of being part of a community working towards greater sustainability.

Today our forest consists of 150 trees. Why don’t you plant one too?

Find out how it’s done here and take part in Ecomondo Forest!