What is a Buyer?

The Buyers’ Program is reserved to professionals that have decisional power in purchasing (purchasing managers, company managers and CEOs) in the following categories:

Business meeting

Industries (such as: agri-food, mechanical, pharmaceutical, paper & packaging, automotive, plastic & rubber, oil & gas, wood, iron & steel, construction, cement, ceramic, hotel, mining industry) interested in:

  • waste treatment
  • wastewater reuse

Municipalities, authorities, public and governmental bodies:

  • interested in purchasing new machines, vehicles and plants components
  • with important projects already launched or in the process of starting
  • interested in new machines/software to update processes with new environmental legislations  

Management and service companies (such as: retailers and distributors, scrap dealers, landfills and big building managers, engineering companies and design studios with major imminent projects, real estates, renewable energy plant maintenance companies, managers of solar, wind, photovoltaic, hydroelectric plants, financial institutions) interested in:

  • machines and equipment for waste treatment and disposal
  • waste valorisation
  • reclamation of areas
  • prevention and risk management

 Companies engaged in the integrated water service:

  • public administrations
  • consultancy agencies
  • water management consortiums
  • aqueducts managers
  • bleedings firms
  • mud treatment firms
  • Food and agricultural companies:

  • with high investment/purchasing capacity
  • interested in purchasing biogas and bio-methane machineries

Why should you join the buyers program?

Participating to the buyers’ program at Ecomondo 2021 you will have the opportunity to:

  • Discover brand new trends and innovative technologies in the field of green and sustainable economy;
  • Meet key players in the reference sectors of the green economy sectors;
  • Widen commercial and institutional contacts and networks for your company;
  • Find inspiration with companies’ best practices and high-tech products and projects;
  • Take part to a rich offer of conferences and round tables, developed in cooperation with a qualified scientific committee, to keep informed about legislative aspects, development trends and new emerging markets.