Exhibition Districts

Paper is one of the most virtuous supply chains in Italy, with a circularity rate of 55% and recycling rate of 85%, equivalent to the European target of paper recycling by 2030.

Paper and cardboard is also one of the four flagship projects identified by the Next Generation EU for which funding amounts to about 150 million euros convertible into 70 projects with the aim of acting on the modernisation of plants in our country, especially in the centre-south.

In cooperation with COMIECO, Federazione Carta e Grafica (Paper and Graphics Federation) and UNIRIMA, Ecomondo defines a new thematic area located in the heart of the event dedicated to the design of paper in all its forms, in a sustainable key,  passing through the activities of separate collection, recovery, recycling and reconditioning of plants in the paper and cardboard supply chain, trading, certification, digitalisation systems and supply chain traceability.

A thematic area with many souls, educational thanks to a dedicated workshop and talk area, exhibition thanks to different formulas such as being present and communication to make the most of the possibilities of the supply chain.


  • paper mills
  • converting industry
  • waste management
  • sorting, treatment and valorisation industry
  • certifiers
  • digital services and traceability
  • municipalities and public administrations
  • trading services


Not only individual companies with customised stands but, within the Paper District, a project area is also planned with the aim of representing and bringing together, in a structured and coherent manner, the entire supply chain.


The Paper District is a project that Ecomondo believes in and invests in, giving it a strong and recognisable brand identity. During the 4-day event it will in fact be identified by a graphic design with customised onsite elements and supported by coordinated communication, that makes the most of all the assets made available by the exhibition centre. Bring your company by choosing the different types of exhibition packages available.


Silvia Gabellini