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An industrial theme path with a focus on technologies for repowering and building new plants for recycling waste from electrical and electronic equipment

Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) has always represented a great challenge as far as the collection and recycling system is concerned. In Italy, in fact, the collection of WEEE does not exceed 37%, against a target set at European level of 65% of the total with respect to the amount put on the market in the previous three years, a figure that places us among the 5 least virtuous, ahead only of Portugal, Cyprus, Malta and Romania. This figure falls even further if we consider small WEEE (smartphones, tablets, laptops, consoles, ...) and Professional WEEE (i.e. waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment destined for commercial and industrial activities) which are, moreover, among the products containing a greater quantity of Critical Raw Materials.

It is important to emphasise that the supply chain is under an EPR regime and therefore the responsibility for the proper recycling and disposal of this waste goes all the way back to the producer. This is helpfull for companies operating in this market and an incentive to systematise the actions necessary to increase the recycling percentage, which currently sees our country being below the European targets.

The PNRR identifies WEEE as one of the four flagship sectors and has earmarked 150 million euros to be used in the modernisation and Start-Up of new treatment and recycling plants.

Against this backdrop, Ecomondo has forged collaborations with key partners in order to present some of the most advanced technologies for the treatment and valorisation of materials from WEEE. Topics such as critical raw materials, reuse and reconditioning, eco-design and citizen education will be covered in an integrated district enriched by high-value conferences.


Silvia Gabellini