Exhibition Sectors

Reclamation of contaminated sites and regeneration

- Reclamation of contaminated sites and regeneration
This is the area dedicated to Technologies for Reclamation and Management of Contaminated Sites.
In partnership with the key players in the sector: Federchimica (Italian Chemical Industry Foundation), Unione Petrolifera (Petroleum Union), Italian Ministry for the Environment, Ispra (Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research), Syndial, ISS (Italian Health Institute), SusChem, Italy Environmental Biotechnology section of the European Federation of Technology and others.

This area will host companies that excel in decommissioning activities, reusing brownfield sites, abandoned industrial areas, run-down and abandoned districts, the reclamation and reuse of which today represents a crucial challenge in Italy too.

Hydrogeological risk

The new sector of Ecomondo dedicated to systems and solutions for preventing hydrogeological risk and major climate-related risks, flooding and coastal erosion.



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