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Back in 2023, the Ecological Services Vehicles Expo, a biennial event organised in partnership with ANFIA that showcases the entire range of production equipment for industrial and special vehicles for waste collection and road sweeping.

Click on the name of the manufacturer and discover the novelties it will bring to Ecomondo:

The Ecological Services Vehicle Section associates manufacturers of equipment for urban hygiene (compactors, sweepers and equipment for suction and hydrodynamic cleaning), a niche of excellence in the national production chain. Internationalisation, quality and technological innovation are the main features of the member companies.

Adjacent to the Anfia associates are the leading truck manufacturers who will present full electric solutions in a dedicated test drive area.



Aebi Schmidt Italia chooses again Ecomondo to present its most modern expression of electrical sweeper:  the new eCleango 550.

  • Hopper capacity: 5.5 mc;
  • Max. 10 h autonomy and possible DC charging;
  • 102 kWh battery pack capacity and 153 kWh option with innovative thermal management system;
  • Standard On-board charger (OBC) with 22 kW/AC charging power;
  • Newly designed spacious cab;
  • IntelliOPS platform can be used to monitor, plan, control the activities of your eCleango 550 in real time.



New BL-1 uploader for bells from 1000 to 5000 liters with F90 or Kinshofer connection.

100% AMS design, the crane eliminates the dead times of repositioning on right/left side thanks to the symmetry of the lifter. The compaction system and the body of the BL1 are derived from CL RCV, guarantee of durability and reliability. Thanks to the fixed box and the drawer press, the BL-1 offers a high payload and volume for an efficient service.



100 minutes of charging time for an entire work shift!
The Urban-Sweeper S2.0 was engineered & designed for maximum performance. 15 cm narrower, 1 ton lighter and with an articulated steering system.

The Boschung custom-made battery and the intelligent battery management system sets industry standards.

The multi-purpose carrier Pony P3.0 is agile, versatile and flexible and the result of over 50 years of constant engineering and development work.



Giletta - Bucher Municipal brings an innovative range of street sweepers and winter maintenance equipment to Ecomondo.

Among the equipment on display you will be able to admire:

  • the new CityCat VR50e, an electric version of the already well-known 4-m3 CityCat 5006, also on display at the fair;
  • MaxPowa V65e, the world's only 6.5-m3 electric truck-mounted sweeper;
  • the fully electric 2-m3 CityCat V20e;
  • the innovative all-electric One He salt spreader will also be on display.



Innovating, progressing, exploring new roads. This is what Cappellotto does every day to help to grow the company and to contribute to the growth of the companies who contact them.

Throughout the world, Cappellotto is a synonym for industrial vehicles for cleaning sewers and ducts, vacuum loading dusts and solids and transporting hazardous waste.



The ecological transition is advancing, and Dulevo, after launching its first electric sweeper in 2017, has worked in recent years improving its D.Zero2, which is now a great success in municipalities all over Europe and the world, in both sweeper and street washer versions.

At Sal.Ve - Ecomondo 2023 it is shown in its brand new third series, full of new features and upgrades: from the latest generation of batteries, which provide improved autonomy, to the oversized hose and redesigned suction mouth that offer mind-blowing performance.



At the upcoming Ecomondo in Rimini, Farid will be presenting the company's full range of products in its indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces. In the outdoor spaces adjoining Hall A7, you will see our equipment in operation: FMO Plus for automatic loading of large-capacity stationary containers, Dule-Palvi automatic bilateral collection system, SLF for automatic loading of wheeled bins, our T1 Plus range of rear compactors with automatic double-chair container vaults, and our MK1 mini compactor made of aluminium to ensure higher capacities and fitted on 3.5-ton electric chassis.

The indoor space, located precisely in Hall A7 (booth 102-203), will feature a hospitality area prepared to welcome our customers. Also on display will be some of the equipment that most characterizes our commitment to offer increasingly high-performance, reliable, safe and environmentally friendly services. Our entire product range has been revamped using state-of-the-art electrical/electronic can bus systems and hydraulic solutions with high performance components.

"Much More" is the message that will be with us during the Rimini event as a sign of the mission of Farid Industrie and the Zoeller/Faun Group, dedicated to a daily commitment to increasingly high-performance solutions.



The AF 6000 road sweeper has been designed to sweep both urban and industrial areas, such as cement works, construction companies, grocery markets, ports and airports, guaranteeing ecological and efficient operation in all settings.



Kärcher's range of municipal sweepers:

MCM 600, the powerful 6mc suction mechanics is the ideal choice for cleaning urban, suburban areas, ports, airports and at the same time the most performing machine for industrial plants (foundries, cement factories, mines) for supporting road maintenance work and for all other uses that require the best sweeping performance without releasing dust and particulate into the air.

MC 250 represents the benchmark in its category by ensuring superior performance and unparalleled driving comfort, thanks to the automotive technology adopted.

MC 130, with its "true track" articulated steering and 4 permanent drive wheels is synonymous with versatility to operate in even the smallest and most difficult to access spaces.



Ladurner Equipment will present the range of Full-electric vehicles for Refuse collection Service cat. N1 and N2.

The products that will be exhibited at the fair are the result of years of work both in design implementation and in field tests by the main end-of-users, and are already on the market for waste collection vehicles without compromising performance, respecting the directives on abatement of emissions and the C.A.M. of sector.



  • Equipment for: sewer cleaning and dangerous refuses transportation (ADR), sewage cleaning with recycling system, dry material suction, street washers;
  • High vacuum excavators;
  • Vacuum pumps and components.



In the Easy system, integration with information technology allows for the optimization of waste collection services by the managing company.

The "smart" containers equipped with fill-level sensors and identification devices enable monitoring and gathering of statistical data. Furthermore, the onboard electronic instrumentation facilitates communication between devices and optimizes the performance of vehicles and ecological islands from a Smart City perspective.



Officine Pilla has been pursuing for years the goal of making equipment with low environmental impact in compliance with CO2 emissions.

The use of high-strength materials, peralluman aluminum and very high quality steels allows for the creation of ever lighter and more performing equipment. All this means that vehicles consume and pollute much less. At Ecomondo you will be able to see closely the products that are certainly at the top of the market.



Ravo Italia has always shown its attention to the environment, bringing in previous exposure editions "green friendly" innovations, such as the 1mc Green Machine 500ZE and in 2019 the Ravo 540 eSeries, the first 4 mc 100% Electric road sweeper.

In the current edition RAVO Italia will present another novelty to the Italian market; the Matiheu MC210e 100% electric road sweeper, 2 mc.



At Ecomondo - Sal.ve 2023 edition, we will exhibit some of the many innovations we introduce in our Tenax 100% electric range:

  • Electra 5.0, the innovative and new generation 100% electric sweeper of 5 m3, the new entry in the Tenax range;
  • Electra 2.0 evos+, new generation and low voltage 2m³ totally electric street sweeper;
  • Electra 2.0 hydros, totally electric & new generation, low voltage 1,500-2,000 L street washer.



Exhibition Manager

Mauro Delle Fratte

Sales Account

Cecilia Cappelli