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  • Tuesday, April 27, 2021
  • 10:00 - 12:00
  • Memo
  • Ecomondo Key Energy Digital Platform
  • Italian

VALUE CE-IN project (July 2019 – February 2022), coordinated by ENEA-LEA laboratory and co-funded by the Emilia-Romagna Region (POR FESR 2014-2020 Programme), aims at the valorisation of the whole value chain related to municipal and industrial wastewater treatment according to a circular economy perspective. To achieve such goal, different experimental activities are carried out so as to promote concrete and safe practices for treated wastewater reuse as well as the development and validation of technologies to allow material recovery and energy valorisation from concentrated effluents and sludge. Additional investigated aspects are related to the analysis and quantification of some specific emerging contaminants, e.g. microplastics for which appropriate methodologies of sampling and analytical determination will be assessed and defined. The project outputs and results will enrich the database of the Industrial Symbiosis Software Platform, managed by ENEA, aimed at closing the cycles of materials and energy in the wastewater treatment sector promoting virtuous exchanges and synergies among the stakeholders, leading to the creation of new business models and with a positive impact on job employment. During the event, the project concept and its experimental phases will be presented, showing the results obtained so far and the foreseen evolution scenarios.

10,00 Welcome and general description of Value CE-IN Project
Luigi Petta, ENEA-LEA Laboratory

10,10 Developement of a smart system for on-line monitoring and evaluation of treated wastewater reuse according to EU Regulation 2020/741
Gianpaolo Sabia, ENEA-LEA Laboratory

10,25 Technologies and smart systems for the agricultural reuse of treated municipal wastewater
Attilio Toscano, CIRI FRAME Laboratory – University of Bologna

10,40 Tecnologies and systems for material and energy recovery with a circular economy perspective       

Use of micro-algae for nutrient removal from concentrated streams produced in HERA-Ferrara WWTP sludge treatment line
Simonetta Pancaldi, Terra &Acqua Tech Laboratory – University of Ferrara

Beneficial use of bio-char produced from pirolysis and high-temperature reforming of municipal excess sludge
Antonio Primante, CIRI FRAME Laboratory – University of Bologna

Assessment of a novel hydro-thermal process for wastewater sludge treatment
Marco Gabba, LEAP Laboratory – Milan Politecnic

11,25 Monitoring and treatment of emerging compounds in municipal wastewater and sludge
Biagio Esposito, Proambiente - CNR Laboratory
Roberta Guzzinati, ENEA-LEA Laboratory

11,45 Industrial symbiosis platform for wastewater treatment sector
Sara Cortesi, ENEA-LEA Laboratory

11,55 Conclusions and future perspectives
Luigi Petta, ENEA-LEA Laboratory

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