The Expo

From the recovery of materials and energy to sustainable development

All sectors of the circular economy on a single platform


  • Waste processing technologies and machinery.
  • Systems and containers for all types of waste.
  • Equipment and vehicles for waste collection and transport; focus  on sanitation.
  • Handling and lifting machinery and equipment.
  • Recovery, valorisation and integrated management services for various materials.



  • Reuse and recycling of waste water for civil and industrial irrigation.
  • Integrated monitoring solutions (water, air, soil).
  • Management of water infrastructure.
  • Digitisation: Water 4.0, IoT, IA, BigData, Cybersecurity.
  • Efficient use of water resources.



  • Bioenergy: biomass, bioliquids, biogas, processes and products.
  • Circular bioeconomy, biomaterials, blue economy.
  • Aquaculture and fishing.
  • Ecodesign of products and processes.
  • Repair services.





  • Decontamination and regeneration of polluted sites.
  • Hydrogeological instability and reforestation
  • Sustainable management of ports, sediments and coasts.
  • Marine litter, ship building and ship transport.



We are the leading show in Mediterranean basin
The benchmark event in Europe for technological and industrial innovation. An international event with an innovative format that brings together all sectors of the circular economy on a single platform: from the recovery of materials and energy to sustainable development.

We support company development
We help companies become world leaders in innovation, promoting the development of an innovative and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We foster networking
We enable companies with the most skilled national and international buyers to make contact, and we work all year with a targeted community and the leading experts in the circular economy.

We provide tools and information for company development
We cover the new regulatory priorities in the fields of research, innovation and training in a professional environment; in partnership with industrial associations, ministries, research institutions, the European Commission, the OECD, European technological platforms and international initiatives.
We are the only platform in Europe to offer a broad programme of conferences, workshops and seminars to present national and international evidence and new trends relating to the various strands of the circular economy, including building, packaging, electronics and the automotive industry.