The Expo

Global Water Expo is the section dedicated to all stages in the integrated water cycle supply chain, from collection to its return to the environment.

Exhibiting companies include those dealing with water treatment and recovery systems, waste water and rainwater treatment and reuse, purification sludge treatment and disposal, urban, agricultural and industrial purification system design and management, processes, products and systems for treating and purifying industrial process and waste water, channels, pipes, valves and junctions, manholes, goods, pumps, turbines, inverters, controllers, monitoring and energy efficiency systems, flow meters, remote control, drinking water distributors and domestic purifiers.

As far as conferences are concerned, issues will be addressed in synergy with European circular economy development policy, eco-innovation and technical, economic and environmental sustainability in the water sector, from the urban cycle to agriculture and industry. Innovation will be discussed, and specifically major international Horizon2020 projects with a focus on the Mediterranean basin and the circular economy (e.g. SMART-Plant; Hydrousa) in which scores of European, Middle Eastern and North African companies and organisations are taking part. This year an important strategic event will be dedicated to the European and Italian phosphorous platform, with the participation of many companies throughout the life cycle. The exploitation of purification sludge and water safety plans will be analysed with reference to the new European directives and national legislation.

In addition to the main national points of reference, world-renowned technologists will be in attendance, such as the secretary of the European phosphorous platform and representatives of the European Commission, the circular economy in the water sector and the WssTP platform.



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