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Ecomondo 2017 on the trail of the circular economy

Strategies for preventing, monitoring and exploiting waste, new industrial processes, progress in regulation.
These are some of the focuses already scheduled for the 2017 edition of Ecomondo, running in the halls of Rimini Fiera from 7 to 10 November. From its very first edition back in October 1997, the trade fair event is distinguished by its great attention to the circular economy, also by virtue of Italy’s leading position in the sector of the green economy. The theme is more firmly on the agenda than ever, above all now that the European Environment Commission returns from approving the new package of legislation on the circular economy.
Speaking on this is MEP Simona Bonafè, who at Ecomondo in October was already reminding us that in Europe the idea is gaining ground that “the challenge of the environment and sustainability is an extraordinary opportunity and not a restrictive annoyance”. Ahead of legislation from the Commission on the matter, she demonstrated confidence that the European Union can progress “towards a more intelligent and sustainable use of the resources available to us. We can no longer,“ she reaffirmed, “construct our future around a disposable model.”...continues...

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