There's no Planet B
Climate change:
causes, effects, solutions among the topics planned in 2019 

Ecomondo has always been at the forefront of the debate on climate change: conferences, panel discussions, presentations of international best practices, meetings with experts and the most virtuous companies, and proposed technological and innovative solutions to deal with a global problem.

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Here is a preview of some of the topics planned for the next event:

  • Bioeconomy to increase the organic matter in the soil and its ability to assimilate carbon dioxide and produce high-quality food and non-food biomass
  • Bioeconomy for the production of biocomposts, biomaterials and biofuels from organic waste and byproducts to boost regions’ competitiveness and decarbonisation
  • Research and innovation for a healthy and productive Mediterranean Sea, in terms of its biological resources, the production of oxygen and assimilation of carbon dioxide
  • Bluemed for a healthy plastic-free Mediterranean Sea
  • Marine litter in the Mediterranean
  • Ecodesign and efficiency
  • Hydrogeological risks and disasters prevention and management: geotechnical aspects for the protection of embankments during major weather events.



Discover the preview of the 2019 conferences programme

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