Ecomondo Water Conference
Innovation, the circular economy and digitalisation (water 4.0 and internet of water) the main themes for the next edition


The management of water resources and services is faced with complex and multi-disciplinary challenges, whether governance and regulation, health and safety, the quantity and quality in increasingly smart cities, in industry and in agriculture, and the effect of climate change.

A global platform like ECOMONDO provides an excellent forum to discuss these challenges, and this year it is organising events organically, in the sessions of the ECOMONDO WATER CONFERENCE 2019.

A few tasters:

Discussion will focus on “water and health”: how risk analysis and management can be supported by digital technologies, for both drinking water and the reuse of water in agriculture.
The impact of new European regulations on the reuse of water in agriculture will be discussed and quantified by utility companies, land reclamation authorities and innovators.
After a challenging 2018, the management and valorisation of slurry will be analysed with reference to the latest regulatory developments, while resource efficiency and recovery will be presented with reference to the needs for standardisation and correlation with climate-altering gas emissions and the impact on climate change.

Numerous international innovation projects (e.g. Horizon2020 “SMART-Plant”, “HYDROUSA”, “ENERWATER”, DigitalWater.City”, PRIMA “FIT4REUSE”) will set out their results, with innovation, the circular economy and digitisation (water 4.0 and the internet of water) increasingly the focus of discussion.

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