China Trash Ban Creates Crisis for US Recyclers

Jun 18, 2018
VOA News - LOS ANGELES — Just less than $6 billion worth of U.S. waste was sent to China last year to be converted into packaging and products, and then shipped back to the United States and other markets. Scrap recyclers had taken advantage of low shipping costs for empty containers returning to China after the ships had unloaded their goods on the U.S. West Coast.

How countries can trade their way to climate resilience

Jun 18, 2018
UN Environmenti - In the winter of 2014, the Finistère area of Brittany in northwestern France was hit with violent storms, bringing torrential rain, heavy wind and flooding. Winter floods in this part of France are common; in 2014, however, the heavy rainfall caused the river to rise to record levels – 2.5 times higher than average – threatening people and infrastructure.

Global Biogas Plant Market: 86,964 Biogas Plants to be Operational by 2022, Says TMR

Jun 11, 2018
Clean Technology - The global biogas plant market is expected to be driven over the coming years, by an incrementally strengthening support shown by government and private bodies to biogas plant owners in terms of financial incentives and the favorable nature of regulations being set up.

Our plastic pollution crisis is too big for recycling to fix

Jun 11, 2018
The Guardian - Recycling alone will never stem the flow of plastics into our ocean. We must address the problem at the source.

Plastic recycling dilemma in the EU

Jun 4, 2018
EURACTIV - The EU is in a desperate search for a sustainable circular economy. But critics warn that the imminent adoption of waste recycling targets for 2035 is only a compromise between the very different realities of the 28 countries. EURACTIV Germany reports.