Europe burns as climate change fuels 'forest fire danger extremes'

Aug 3, 2018
The Sydney Morning Herald - As the official death toll from Greece’s wildfires mounted on Tuesday, it became clear this was a national tragedy of a kind awfully familiar to Australians.

As gas resources deplete, Pakistan needs biogas policy to utilise waste

Aug 3, 2018
The Express Tribune - Biogas is made by fermentation of bio-materials like food waste, agricultural residue, waste water, solid waste and excreta of human and animals among others.

Building a circular bioeconomy with synthetic biology

Aug 3, 2018
Physorg - On April 2010, the Gulf of Mexico turned black. The largest marine oil spill initiated by an explosion of methane gas on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig is supposed to have leaked around 800 million liters of oil into the environment.

New Tool to Forecast Availability of Agricultural Biomass

Aug 3, 2018
Stackyard - Biomass is quickly becoming a sought-after resource as an alternative to fossil fuels, chemicals and energy in the bioeconomy.

Ecomondo and Key Energy will tackle North African Area as a priority issue

Aug 1, 2018
Recycling Portal - Two leading trade shows for green and circular economy and renewable energies in the Euro Mediterranean area will discuss the risks facing MED forest vegetation and sea as well as new technologies and solutions.