Ellen MacArthur Foundation - According to research by BBC Earth, three out of every five t-shirts that are bought today will end up in the bin within a year.

That’s because the fashion industry is largely a system in which valuable resources are extracted and turned into products that are used for a short time, before being thrown away.

Fast fashion has sped this process up. The counter narrative espoused by the slow fashion movement suggests that if everyone buys less things they will be better. However, even if everyone halved the amount of clothes they throw away, that still means huge volumes of waste and negative impacts. On top of that, global demand is still growing: current projections estimate that clothes buying will triple by 2050.

Teemill is a tech-based fashion business that takes a more holistic view of the fashion industry, designing out waste at each step of the material supply chain, applying disruptive technology to minimise overstocking, and maximise material recycling.