BBI-europe - Euronews Business Planet travels to Turku in Finland in search of what is known as Europe's bioeconomy to see how firms with bright ideas are making a positive difference to our future with sustainable products.

From new bio-based materials to cleaner energy, innovative technologies will be key if we are to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and become more sustainable. To accelerate this transition, the European Union has invested nearly € 4 billion into what is known as Europe's bioeconomy, an area that encompasses many economic sectors including agriculture, fisheries, forestry, paper, bioenergy to name a few.

​Getting the good from wood

​Located just outside the Finnish city of Turku, MetGen’s mission is all about getting the good from wood. Founded in 2008, the firm makes highly-active industrial enzymes - natural catalysts that speed up chemical reactions. This is vitally important for industry, as enzymes don't just save time, they also crucially save energy, and as a consequence money.