BBI JU - The BBI JU GreenProtein project is transforming by-products from green vegetables and field crops into high-grade protein for the food industry. The finished product is a viable alternative to egg whites and whey protein - and has huge commercial potential.

The BBI JU-funded GreenProtein project centres around the extraction and purification of RuBisCO, which is the most abundant protein in the world. The project has developed a unique process that takes green by-products from vegetables and field-crop residues and turns them into dry leaf protein isolate powder with a RuBisCo content of at least 85 %.

The end product can be used as an ingredient by food companies for gelling, foaming and emulsifying. What is more, since this product is meat-free it can be used to make innovative foodstuffs for people on restrictive diets or those who want to avoid eating animal products. In addition, because the project is valorising by-products from vegetables and field crops it has a positive impact on the sustainability of the agricultural cycle.