Can we fight food waste with plastic packaging?

Oct 9, 2018
GreenBiz - The best solution isn’t always the most intuitive, such as preventing food spoilage by increasing packaging. Particularly given the politically charged dialogue (and dogma) around plastics and plastic waste, navigating these trade-offs can be both contentious and counterintuitive.

Europe Leads the Way in Development Index 2018

Oct 2, 2018
Inter Press Service - We just published the Commitment to Development Index (CDI) 2018, which ranks 27 of the world’s richest countries on how well their policies help the more than five billion people living in poorer countries.

Q&A: As Water Scarcity Becomes the New Normal How Do We Manage This Scarce Resource?

Oct 2, 2018
Inter Press Service - Manipadma Jena interviews the executive director of the Stockholm International Water Institute TORGNY HOLMGREN.

Safe and round: How healthier materials factor into a circular economy

Sep 25, 2018
GreenBiz - Did you know that the air inside of homes and offices is often more unhealthful than the air outdoors?

Integrating circular economy and bioeconomy would improve European sustainability; report.

Sep 25, 2018
Bio-based world news - “This report explores possible synergies, tensions, gaps and trade-offs between the bio- and circular economies' objectives and action.”