Ecomondo and Key Energy will tackle North African Area as a priority issue

Aug 1, 2018
Recycling Portal - Two leading trade shows for green and circular economy and renewable energies in the Euro Mediterranean area will discuss the risks facing MED forest vegetation and sea as well as new technologies and solutions.

Earth's resources consumed in ever greater destructive volumes

Jul 30, 2018
The Guardian - Study says the date by which we consume a year’s worth of resources is arriving faster.

Restoring our Lands and Forests, Securing our Future

Jul 30, 2018
United Nations Development Programme - Keynote speech at HLPF side event on “Landscape Restoration for Food Security & Climate Adaptation”.

Africa is on the right path to eradicate plastics

Jul 30, 2018
UN environment - The ongoing global movement for eliminating plastics is gaining momentum in Africa. Several countries are now taking steps to eliminate the production and distribution of single-use plastics, some adopting a total ban on the production and use of plastic bags. Kenya, Rwanda, Cameroon, South Africa, Mauritania, Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana and Eritrea have taken the lead, others, like Botswana and Ethiopia, are following suit.

Companies Need To Design In Sustainability To Products - And Investors Need To Encourage Them

Jul 30, 2018
Forbes - Plastic has been much demonised recently, thanks to its impact on wildlife and the environment, which is starkly illustrated by the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and pictures of seahorses clutching Q-tips or dead albatrosses with stomachs full of plastic.