Our Mission

We foster public-private sector cooperation to ensure more sustainable growth for the planet

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We are the key event in the Euro-Mediterranean area for the new circular economy models.
We are therefore the place for leading national and international companies, representatives from governments and institutions and public sector operators to meet, talk and network.

We help companies become world leaders in innovation, promoting the development of an innovative and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem, and we help countries design sustainable development plans.

We oversee the whole circular economy value chain, from the recovery of raw materials and energy to sustainable development.

We promote international networking and the growth of companies on markets all over the world.

Workshops, conventions, speed dating between supply and demand.

We offer numerous opportunities to enable all stakeholders in the green and circular economy to meet at the show and plan the future

The States General of the Green Economy

Every year, Ecomondo plays host to the annual “States General of the Green Economy”, a meeting that involves the main stakeholders of Italy’s green economy in an open and participatory strategic planning process.

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Conference of Ecomondo

Promoted by the National Council for the Green Economy – formed of 66 organisations and companies – in partnership with the Ministry for the Environment, it has become a point of reference for thousands of companies and others besides, involving more than 7,500 stakeholders from 2012 to 2018.

Within the framework of the last States General, seven conferences and sessions were held – plenary and relating to in-depth study and consultation – on the most topical issues. These included: the national Energy and Climate Plan, the transposal of European directives on waste and the circular economy, green cities, electric and shared transport, and the Common Agricultural Policy.

Participation reached a new record, with approximately 3,500 entrants, 500 journalists and 80 speakers, including representatives of government, parliament, institutions, companies and international organisations.