Our Mission

We bring the sector’s top experts together

Meeting between colleagues

We are the leading circular economy show in Europe; we help companies innovate and develop international business by providing them with a huge number of opportunities for cooperation and networking: conventions, conferences, presentations, seminars and workshops, events and awards for innovation

During Ecomondo, leading international experts of the sector meet to talk, share ideas and experiences, anticipate trends, present new developments and discuss international best practices.

Four days packed with inspiration for the whole sector, making Ecomondo the key international hub for the green and circular economy.

  • A permanent forum for innovation and business development
  • Let’s work together for the future of the planet
  • A format that helps you evolve
  • Find out how to do things and continue to grow professionally
  • Conferences, panel discussions, workshops
  • What you take “home”
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A permanent forum for innovation and business development

Every year, more than 150 conventions and panel discussions are organised thanks to the contribution of our scientific committee, a pool of experts and scientists who oversee the quality and scientific integrity of the topics presented.

The committee works in close cooperation with leading national and international companies, thereby supporting, in a permanent forum for dialogue, the development and innovation of the whole sector.

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Let’s work together for the future of the planet

We work alongside leading national and international companies, with institutions, research centres and the foremost experts to support innovation and the development of the green and circular economy in Italy and worldwide.

Our show is recognised internationally as a place that brings together the main global players to define international guidelines and official documents, arising from meetings between government representatives, scientists and the large industrial groups attending the show.

Ecomondo boasts an invaluable heritage of high-level relationships in various sectors of activity.

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A format that helps you evolve

Ecomondo conferences are spaces for vision and dialogue. A chance to plan the future, talk to experts, find out about the latest scientific developments, interpret changes and gain a strategic viewpoint, to learn and understand how to move forward.

Ecomondo’s events programme is an opportunity to rally the managers of national and multinational groups, technicians, experts and researchers, and bring them together with the leading experts, scientists and opinion leaders of the various sectors.

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Every theme includes:

  • Beacon panels: conferences that “shed light”. We talk with leading experts and international researchers about their vision for the future.
  • Beacon conferences: international panel discussions and workshops.
  • Themed conferences: in-depth studies, new developments, best practices. Themed conferences are open to calls for papers from companies and researchers from all over the world.
  • Conferences on regulations and procedures
  • Science cafè: meeting the experts
  • Association and company conferences that propose solutions and innovations.

Find out how to do things and continue to grow professionally

We help sector professionals stay up to date with the major changes in the sector. The show includes numerous programmes and conventions that give participants professional training credits.

Attendance at Ecomondo’s conventions with professional training credits is free of charge, but registration is required.

Training courses for professionals online soon


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Conferences, panel discussions, workshops: 6 themed areas

  • Waste management and valorisation
  • Waste water
  • Bio-economy
  • Hydro geological risks and disasters prevention
  • Bioremediation and site qualification
  • Air quality

6  main themes

  • Ecodesign
  • Technological and biological waste
  • Bio-economy
  • Reclamation and redevelopment
  • Hydro-geological risk
  • Circular and smart cities


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What you take “home”

  • A vision of the future
  • Knowledge of national and international best practices
  • Meetings with the reference community: business people, researchers, institutions, managers, technicians, startuppers
  • Inspiration to grow your company sustainably
  • Practical tools to “do” and to change
  • New international developments
  • The solutions

Do you want to sponsor Ecomondo events?

You will be able to:

  • promote your brand
  • make contact with companies and experts
  • publicise your news and your solutions
  • develop new business

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