• Wednesday, November 8, 2017
  • 14:00 - 17:45
  • Memo
  • Ravezzi 2 South Hall

Organized by: University of Bologna – “Energy and Environment” CIRI (Interdepartmental Industrial Research Centre), Environmental and Cultural Heritage Chemical Division of the SCI (Italian Chemical Association), Ecomondo Technical Scientific Committee


According to the pronouncement of the EU Parliament’s environment committee in January 2017, ambiguous targets have to be included in the European Commission proposal on waste management, reaching 70% by 2030 for waste recycling and preparing for re-use (80% for packaging materials), while landfilling should be limited to 5%. Also for industrial waste, an increasing efficiency in valorization is required. A major effort will then be required to reach these objectives; in this context, a fundamental role will be played by applied research and industrial innovation. A considerable boost to innovation will be given by Industry 4.0 tools and strategies, promoting the integration among processes and systems, and those among enterprises and infrastructures, in line with the “Circular Economy” concept. The advantages that could arise from the implementation of these innovations, factors which could promote industrial applications, challenges and elements of success, will be the topics on which companies, researchers, local authorities and other stakeholders will be invited to confront, through oral and poster presentations.

Targeted Audience: R&D performers; Representatives of institutions and local authorities; Consulting engineers and professionals; Waste treatment industries; Companies delivering environmental services


Section Chairs

Fabrizio Passarini, University of Bologna

Michele Notarnicola, Polytechnic of Bari



14.15 Introduction and short summary on the poster presented

Carlo Maria Medaglia, Italian Ministry of Environment

Angelo Valsecchi, Italian National Engineers Council


14.30-15.00: Invited talks

State of play of waste management and exploitation in the more industrialised international Countries

Antonis Mavropoulos (President ISWA)

Resource Recovery through Enhanced Landfill Mining

Enrico Bernardo (University of Padova)


15.00-18.00: Presentations selected from call for papers


Discussion and Closure



(to be completed in July 2017, after the evaluation of all abstracts submitted to the conference and the splitting of the accepted papers between papers for oral and papers for poster presentation)


Conference will be held in italian language