By Ecomondo Technical Scientific Committee

The event presents and discusses the different aspects related to the application of Circular Economy concepts in urban environments supported by the widely-used modern technologies, as Internet of Things and Big Data analytics. The implementation and managment of such innovative functionalities requires coordination efforts among the companies providing services in a city and the local Public Authorities, even thanks to the sharing of material and information flows. Recent experiences and initiatives from different countries will be discussed with the aim of identifying best practices to be implemented in favor of the citizens.

Targeted Audience: all actors of the value chain, including technology and service companies, Public Authorities, stakeholders Associations, Utilities, research institutes and citizens.


Section Chair:

Gian Marco Revel, Marche Polytechnic University, Coordinator of the Italian Construction Technology Platform




Maurizio Tira, University of Brescia Magnificent Rector and President of the Italian National Center for Urban Studies

Kristin Tufte, Portland State University, Smart Cities Liaison, Office of Strategic Partnerships, City of Portland, US  
Pauline Cutter, Mayor City of San Leandro, US 
Derick Lee, Energy/Waste/Water Supercluster, GCTC, US  
Andrea Gnassi, Sindaco di Rimini  
Matteo Ricci, Sindaco di Pesaro, Vice-Presidente Nazionale ANCI 
Marco De Angelis, Industry Energy&Utility Leader, IBM Italia  
Giuseppe Sola, Responsabile Data Monetization Solutions, OLIVETTI, Gruppo TIM  
Marcoandrea Muzzatti, Energy Manager, Gruppo CAP 


Simona Bonafè, Member of European Parliament (TBC)


EN/IT translation will be provided