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Ecomondo offers an extensive programme of conferences and workshops aiming to present the most important innovations linked to the adoption of the circular economy.

2017 focuses:

  • Strategies for waste prevention and research in the field of exploiting waste within the frame of the economy
  • Flows of raw materials, alternative and critical for conventional and new industrial processes, efficiency in using traditional raw materials and industrial eco-design
  • Classification and exploitation of waste. New strategies and European regulations, from more technical aspects to best management practice
  • Monitoring, management and exploitation of organic waste, from agriculture and the agri-food industry, solid urban waste, though integrated biorefineries and biomethane production
  • Efficient treatment of industrial and civil waste water with nutrient recovery, their exploitation and reuse of water
  • Biobased industry & bioeconomy in the Mediterranean with the presentation of cases of biorefineries using non-residual-food biomass and agro-industrial and organic solid urban waste byproducts/waste
  • Eco-efficiency of the Italian agro-food chain
  • Monitoring and sustainable reclamation of industrial sites and marine environments
  • Development of storage from renewable energy