Scientific Committee

MARIA CRISTINA DI DOMIZIO was born in Chieti on October 15th 1975. She graduated in International and Diplomatic Sciences at the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Trieste with (110 cum laude). She attended a Master in European Law at the University of Roma Tre.
Since 2002 she has been working at Federalimentare Servizi s.r.l., where she is responsible for the "Innovation and Continuing Education" Area.
She was responsible, for Federalimentare Servizi s.r.l., for Expo Shanghai 2010 and Expo Milano 2015.
From 2014 she manages the Technical Secretariat of Cl.uster A.grifood N.lative CL.A.N.
From 1 January 2015 she is the Administrator of the European Economic Interest Grouping E.uropean S.afety GEIE (SPES GEIE), consisting of 10 food Federations of the food and beverage industry.
She is a Ministry of Education, University and Research expert for the Horizon 2020 Program Committee on Challenge 2 (MIUR official appointment 24.05.2016) and she participates in the Consultation Board on Challenge 2 set up at the MIUR for the priorities linked to the “food” theme.
She is a member of the Permanent Technical Committee of the food industry on training.
She was a member of the evaluation panel for the "Agri-food" thematic area - PhD ITalents project.
Languages Spoken: French (excellent knowledge - Diplôme Explains Deeply French), English (Good Knowledge) and Spanish (Basic Knowledge).

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