Scientific Committee

Giuseppe Scarascia-Mugnozza, born in Rome, September 5, 1954, graduated in Agricultural Sciences and then in Forest Science at the University of Bari (Italy); obtained the PhD diploma in Forest Ecophysiology at the University of Washington, Seattle (USA).

Full professor of Silviculture and Forest Ecophysiology and director of the Department of Biotechnology, Agrofood, and Forest Innovation at the University of Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy.

Former Coordinator of the European Large Infrastructure POP/EUROFACE and partner of several EU research projects, national delegate and vice-chair of the ESF-COST Domain “Forests, their Products and Services”, member of Core group of Biology Committee of the European Science Foundation, past-Chair of the Board of the EFI-European Forest Institute.

Recently, GSM has also been successful with the research project AGRIDRONE (funded by Regione Lazio) for the application of UAV platforms in agro-forestry research and with the Project of Excellence LANDSCAPE 4.0 (funded by the Italian Ministry of University-MIUR) for applying digital technologies to research and education in Landscape, Forestry and Agro-food.

His research activity, with more than 240 scientific papers and books, has been conducted mainly on the following themes:

  • Trees and forests responses to climate changes and increasing CO2 concentrations
  • Structure and functions of Mediterranean and mountain forest ecosystems
  • Ecophysiological determinants of fast-growing tree species
  • Evaluation of genetic and physiological traits of natural populations of Populus.


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