• Friday, November 8, 2019
  • 10:00 - 13:45
  • Memo
  • Diotallevi 1 Room South Hall

Organized by: Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee and Legambiente Onlus, Associazione Mediterranea Acquacoltori, Bluemed, Corepla, Enea, IPPR, Clean Sea Life


Nets and tools from fishing and aquaculture activities, lost or abandoned, represent about one third of the plastic waste found on European beaches and a greater proportion in weight, reaching up to 11 thousand tons per year. These sectors generate and, in turn, suffer the impact of waste dispersed in the marine environment.

In Italy, the measures aimed to improve the management of waste generated by these production activities and countering the marine litter through fishing for litter activities, could finally be applied in the law "Salvamare", a law that is currently being approved and also inspired by bottom-up pilot projects. Even in the particular case of mussel farming nets, virtuous experiences of recycling and experimentation of new less impacting materials are already active. The Legambiente and CTS Ecomondo event aims to take stock of the situation and discuss the proposals and policies to be implemented.



Section Chairs

Stefano Ciafani, President of Legambiente

Fabio Fava, University of Bologna & President of the Scientific Committee of Ecomondo




10.00 Introductory greetings

Sigi Gruber, EU Commission

Anna Montini, Rimini Environment Councilor

Introduced and moderated by: Serena Carpentieri, deputy director of Legambiente

10:30 - 11:30 The impacts of the marine litter on fish species/on fish stocks and the impacts of the fishing net on the marine ecosystem

Impacts and ecotoxicological aspects of marine litter in the marine environment
Cristina Fossi, University of Siena

Macro and micro plastics ingested by marine organisms: analysis of the phenomenon in the Mediterranean Sea
Marco Matiddi, Ispra

Aquaculture in Europe and in the Mediterranean basin: assessment, impacts and mitigation measures
Margherita Zorgno, EurOcean Foundation and Aqua-Lit project

Plastic facts, a bioeconomic approach to marine litter solutions in the Mediterranean Sea
Fedra Francocci, CNR-Bluemed CSA

Biodegradation of biodegradable plastics in the sea
Francesco degli Innocenti, Novamont

11:30 - 12:30 Il Fishing for litter: experiences and policies  

The long-standing experience of KIMO in Fishing for litter projects
Jan Joris Midavaine, KIMO international

The proposal of the Directive on Port Reception Facilities for ship-generated waste
Simona Giovagnoni, ANSEP-UNITAM

Corepla’s experience in Apulia and Lazio regions
Antonello Ciotti, COREPLA

The fishermen of Chioggia speak about their cleaning effort for the Adriatic sea
Tomaso Fortibuoni, Ispra, ML-REPAIR and DeFishGear projects, and Andrea Tosi, fishingboat “Calimero Sampa” commander

Clean Sea LIFE: filling gaps in FFL governance
Eleonora de Sabata. Clean Sea LIFE (LIFE15 GIE/IT/000999)

12:30 - 13:30 the mussel stockings, from problem to resource: solutions in comparison


The mussel farming at national level: productive, technological and innovative aspects

Eraldo Rambaldi A.M.A.


First experimental results for nets recovery 

Loris Pietrelli, Scientific committee of Legambiente


Pilot study on the possible use of bioplastic net in mussel farming

Matteo Baini, University of Siena


The challenge of experimentation: between results and critical issues

Angelo Bonsignori, President of IPPR


Discussion and Closure