• Tuesday, \ 5, 2019
  • 14:00 - 18:00
  • Memo
  • Ravezzi 2 South Hall

Organized by: Utilitalia and Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee

As natural product of our production processes, industrial waste is the majority of those produced each year in Europe and Italy. The quantity and nature of these waste streams (including hazardous waste) call attention to the importance to the national production system to have waste treatment solutions at sustainable costs, respectful of legislation, health and environmental protection. Recently, the new balance of international markets of waste and secondary raw materials has shown the fragility of the national infrastructural system, highlighting the consequences that an inadequate treatment offer has on the competitiveness of the various productive sectors (industry, crafts, trading). A solid national waste treatment industry, with management and innovation capabilities, is one of the main factors also to limit the export of waste and the crimes that fill the national chronicles news. The conference will examine the main aspects (regulatory, technological, management) of industrial waste management, comparing the main national and international experiences. Institutions and public authorities, companies and business associations that manage industrial and hazardous waste and technical regulation experts participate in the comparison.



14:00 Introduction and coordination by the Chairman
Paolo Giacomelli, Vice-Executive Director Utilitalia

14:15 Overview on industrial waste production and management in Italy
Lucia Muto, Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA)


14:30 Industrial waste and business competitiveness      
Donato Berardi, REF Research


14:50 Circular Economy targets and the european need of residual waste treatment
Lighea Speziale, Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants (CEWEP)


15:20 Industrial waste management in Italy:  priorities, strategies and technologies

Ministry of Economic Development (TBC)

Confindustria (TBC)

Elena Maggioni - A2A Ambiente

Michele Troni – Syndial, Gruppo Eni


16:00 Industrial waste and circular economy: end of waste and by-products

Cristina Govoni, Director of Environmental Services at Emilia Romagna Region

Giorgio Arienti, President of CdC RAEE

Andrea Farì, Ambientalex


16:45 Conclusions
Filippo Brandolini - Vice President of Utilitalia


17:00 Call for papers

Presentazioni orali

Smaltimento di rifiuti pericolosi presso una discarica nella Città metropolitana di Torino
Città Metropolitana Torino e Barricalla S.p.a.


I rischi del mercato illecito dei rifiuti. Evoluzione dei traffici criminali
Luca Bonzanni Università di Milano

Sessione poster

WMIV1-1 CAR FLUFF, turn a problem into an opportunity
Ivana Moscato, David Callejo Munoz, b1shop c/o Kilometro Rosso Innovation District


WMIV1-2 The “KaRMA2020: Industrial Feather Waste Valorisation for Sustainable KeRatin-based Materials” project (G.A. 723268)”
Patrizia Circelli, Anna Franciosini, Valentina Cinti, CiaoTech (PNO Group)


WMIV1-3 Critical barriers for plastic recycling. The case of IRM plant in Turin
Federico Cuomo, Grazia Sveva Ascione, Nicole Mariotti, Dario Cottafava, Università di Torino