• Wednesday, November 6, 2019
  • 09:30 - 13:30
  • Memo
  • Diotallevi 1 Room South Hall

Organized by: Utilitalia and Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee

13th annual meeting to assess progress in municipal waste management by comparing international practices. Following the analysis of different collection and management systems in the main metropolitan areas and european regions, the focus is now shifting to the organization of the single supply chain of bio-waste management.

Thanks to a simultaneous recovery of material (fertilizers) and energy (electricity or biomethane), bio-waste represents one of the most circular supply chains of the all circular economy.

The comparison between national and international operators will highlight both: the peculiarities of different strategic and organizational choices along the stages of the biowaste supply chain (prevention, collection, treatment, end of waste and valorisation of products), and how each of these choices affects other phases and the entire waste and resource management cycle.



9.30 Introduction and coordination by the Chairman
Alberto Ferro, President of the "Separate collection and recycling of municipal waste Commission” of Utilitalia

9.45 Calculation method and achievement of recycling targets: the case of bio-waste
Andrea M. Lanz, Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA)

10:00 The biowaste management across Europe: different models, practices and performaces
Stefanie Siebert - Executive Director of the European Compost Network
Jonas Åbo Mortensen, Copenaghen Municipality

10:50 The biowaste supply chain: a comparison between national experiences

Francesco Iacotucci – Sole Director ASIA Napoli

Stefano Zaghis – Sole Director AMA Roma S.p.A.

David Rumiel – Vice Executive Direcotr Ambiente e Servizi

Walter Rossi – Executive Direcotr VUS & Tommaso Cassata – COO Asja Ambiente Italia S.p.A.

Davide De Battisti – Operations Director AIMAG S.p.A.

Roberto Costantini – Biowaste Composting Plant Director, Sogliano Ambiente

 Stavros Papageorgiou – Executive Direcotr Hera Trading

Roberto Marchini - Waste to Fuel Project Manager, Syndial, Gruppo Eni

12:00 The bio-waste industry: strategies, risks and challenges for the future of the sector
Italian Ministry of Economic Development (TBC)
Flavio Bizzoni – President of Italian Composting and Biogas Association

12:30 Conclusions
Filippo Brandolini - Vice President of Utilitalia