Organized by: Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee and ISPRA


The EU legislative waste package, which amends significantly the former framework, is strongly based on circular economy principles and introduces tools for supporting the transition towards this model. New Directives will be transposed by July 2020. Several technical working groups, coordinated by the Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea, are drafting the transposition texts. In March 2019, the European Commission published a report regarding the implementation of the 54 measures included in the Action programme for Circular Economy. The report highlights progress made in the sector of plastics, innovation and investments, and transformation of waste into resources. In this context, actions in the field of by-products and end-of-waste play a major role. The Conference aims at a preliminary assessment of the main actions taken for the transposition of the EU legislative waste package, particularly in the field of end-of-waste, by involving Public Administration, the SNPA, sector operators, experts and Environmental Associations.


Section Chairs
On.  Stefano Vignaroli, President of Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry into illegal activities linked to the waste cycle and related environmental crimes
Rosanna Laraia, Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee


10.00 Introduction by the session chairs

WASTE package and the transition to the circular economy

10.30 MATTM - DG RIN
Technical working groups and the state of play on National end-of-waste regulations

11.00 Valeria Frittelloni, ISPRA
ISPRA's role on National ​​end-of-waste regulations

11.15 Paola Ficco, Rivista Rifiuti
Recent case law on end-of-waste

11.30 Loredana Musmeci
End of waste criteria in the wool sector

11.45 Francesco Mundo, ISPRA
Organic fertilisers in the Circular Economy

12.00 Carlo Emanuele Pepe, Direttore Generale ARPAL
SNPA’s role in the transition to the circular economy

The importance of a clear regulation on the end of waste criteria for the recycling market

The contribution from the utilities in the transition towards the circular economy

The point of view of environmental service enterprises

13.00 ENI
Eni's initiatives on the circular economy

13.15 on. Chiara Braga, Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry into illegal activities linked to the waste cycle and related environmental crimes

13.30 Alessandro Bratti, Director General of ISPRA
13.45 On. Roberto Morassut – Undersecretary of Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea

Conference held in italian language