Organized by: Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee and COMIECO, ASSOCARTA, ASSOGRAFICI, UNIRIMA


Paper chain transforming pulp wood into cellulose and bio-based products. 84% of pulp is certified. Keeping the fibres in the loop: 80% recycling rate of paper packaging. The annual paper collection is 6.646.000 tonn. Producing pulp, secondary raw materials, bio-energy, bio-chemicals, print & graphic paper, packaging, hygiene, technical specialties. The first part of the supply chain is guaranteed by a widespread network of companies that select and transform the separated paper collection (waste) into a second raw material (End of Waste). All to ensure the paper industry a quality and economically competitive product. The gas is very import for the recycling paper in Italy and self generating heat and power through CHP. New investment in the paper chain will increase the Italian recycling capacities: a challenge also for recovery plants to meet increasingly important quantitative demands. More recycling capacities means less waste in the landfill, but more rejects. It’s need to increase the plants to treat these rejects and the quality of the separated paper collection.


Section Chair
Giuseppe Scarascia Mugnozza, Università di Viterbo




10.00 Introduction Giuseppe Scarascia



Bio-circular economy and quality of paper collection

Comieco (Carlo Montalbetti general manager)


Producing secondary raw materials from separate paper collection


  • Short introduction (Francesco Sicilia general manager)

  • Case history (Trevisan Spa, Company of Unirima)


New capacities: more recycling and circular economy in Italy


  • Short Introduction (Massimo Medugno general manager)

  • Case history (DS Smith Paper Italia Srl, Company of Assocarta)


Innovation and new markets for the paper packaging


  • Short Introduction (Maurizio D’Adda general manager)

  • Case history (Box Marche Spa, Company of Assografici)


12.50 Conclusions Giuseppe Scarascia

Conference held in italian language