• Friday, November 8, 2019
  • 09:30 - 13:00
  • Memo
  • Global Water Expo Room D3 Pav.

Organized by: Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee, WWF Mediterranean, CNR-ISMAR, CNR-IRBIM, in the framework of the Interreg MED PHAROS4MPAs Project


The PHAROS4MPAs project explores how Mediterranean MPAs are affected by activities in the growing Blue Economy, and provides a set of practical recommendations for regional stakeholders on how the environmental impacts of key sectors can be prevented or minimized. Encouraging international collaboration across MPA networks and cooperation between state, industry and other actors, PHAROS4MPAs aims to enhance MPA management effectiveness and improve the conservation of marine ecosystems across the whole of the Mediterranean. PHAROS4MPAs focuses on the following sectors of the Blue Economy: Maritime transport and industrial ports; Cruise and tour boats; Leisure boating; Offshore wind farms; Aquaculture; Recreational fisheries; Small-scale fisheries. Recommendations on how to improve coexistence between Protected Areas and Sea Uses produced by PHAROS4MPAS Project will be presented by key experts and stakeholders, followed by a roundtable discussion with representatives of National Authorities, Regions, MPA managers, to discuss how these recommendations can inform decision-making and management processes.

Section Chairs
Mauro Randone – WWF MED
Andrea Barbanti – CNR-ISMAR
Francesca Marcato – Project Officer, Interreg MED Joint Secretariat



9.30 Introduction by the Chairs


Session I – Setting the scene


9.40 Coexistence between Protected Areas and Sea Uses: a EU perspective

Luca Marangoni, EC DG Mare


9.55 MPAs and ICZM/MSP in Italy and in the Mediterranean

Giulio Farella, CNR-ISMAR


Session II – PHAROS4MPAs Recommendations presented by experts and stakeholders


10.15 Protected Areas vs Maritime Transport

Martina Bocci, t-ELIKA srl; Emiliano Ramieri, Thetis spa


10.30 Protected Areas vs Cruise and Tour Boats

Mauro Randone, WWF Med


10.45 Protected Areas vs Leisure Boating

Roberto Perocchio, Assomarinas


11.00 Protected Areas vs Offshore Wind Farms



11.15 Protected Areas vs Small Scale Fisheries and Recreational Fisheries

Fabio Grati, CNR-IRBIM


11.30 Protected Areas vs Aquaculture

Giovanna Marino, ISPRA


11.45 Session III – Round Table Discussion


Round table with representatives of National Authorities, Regions, MPA managers.



Andrea Barbanti, CNR-ISMAR, PHAROS4MPAs Project




13.00 Closure by the chairs

Conference held in italian language