• Friday, November 8, 2019
  • 09:00 - 13:00
  • Memo
  • Tiglio Room A6 Pav

Organized by:  Operate Foundation

The meeting aims to present the current status of the ONU Sustainable Development Goals for the 2030 Agenda in Italy and Europe, with a focus on the status of actions carried out in a panel discussion between the most representative European and Italian players and the role of the Operate Foundation as a tool for knowledge and concrete action on environmental and sustainability issues.

Session Chairman
Luca Moretti President Operate Foundation


9:00 Partecipants Registration and Welcome Coffee

9:30 Greatings and work plan
Luca Moretti President Operate Foundation

9:40 Operate Foundation presentation: staff, mission and actions
Massimo Getto Founder Member Operate

9:50 Presentation Operate’s Books
"PAYT Toolkit" of the Urban Agenda for the EU and Operate Journals
Sauro Prandi, Editorial Representative and Author Operate
Mauro Sanzani, Author Operate

10:15 Abstract of some chapters of the First Operate Journal
Adabella Gratani, Author Operate
Giovanni Montresori, Author Operate
Andrea Valentini Author Operate

10:45 Coffee Break

11.00 Panel Discussion: Sustainable Develpment Goals (SDGs) – 2030 Agenda in Italy and Europe

Maurizio Lovisetti Founder Member Operate


Håkon Jentof, Coordinator Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy, Agency for Waste Management City of Oslo

Igor Kos Member Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy, Member IWM  (Institute WCYCLE  di Maribor)

Valerio Barberis Councilor for Town Planning and Environment Municipality of Prato– Coordination “PAYT Toolkit” Urban Agenda for the EU

Alberto Grossi Director Directorate Municipal Waste  ARERA (TBC)

Pierluigi Altomare Directorate-General for Waste and Pollution (RIN) Ministry of Environment and Protection of the Land and Sea (TBC)

Claudia Rotunno Office Manager XII Municipalities and Province - Tax Law Department and Fiscal Federalism of the Ministry of Economy and Finance

Paola Gazzolo, Councillor for Soil and Coastal Protection, Civil Protection and Environmental and Mountain Policies of the Emilia-Romagna Region (TBC)

Vito Belladonna, Director of ATERSIR, Emilia Romagna Local Agency for Water and Waste Services;

Enrico Cancila, Head of Economic Development and Environment Unit ART-ER

1:00 pm Conclusions, questions and answers, closing work
Luca Moretti President Operate Foundation

1:15 pm Light Lunch