• Tuesday, November 3, 2020
  • 15:00 - 17:30
  • Memo
  • Cedro Room West Hall
  • Italian

Organized by; FISE ASSOAMBIENTE and Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee

The polarization in the response to the demand on waste management is often the main cause (hidden or not) of the decision-making immobility that distinguishes waste management in Italy. The consequence: a clear fracture in terms of plants development between Regions able to get out from the crisis with vision and strategy and Regions that condemned themselves to a continuous emergency. However, COVID-19 has shown that the sector is vital, capable of reorganizing itself and going beyond contingent emergencies guaranteeing what is not an accessory service, but essential for the citizens health. From this new awareness, how can the National strategy of the waste management cycle concretely face the issue of plant shortages in our Country?

Chicco Testa, FISE Assoambiente


14.30 -15.00 Registration of participants

15.00 Introduction

FISE Assoambiente study on waste management cycle in the Italian Regions compared to the regional plans for waste management
Chicco Testa, FISE Assoambiente President

15.30 Responsibility of the choices and plants design necessity
Bonati, REF

15.45 Ciafani, LEGAMBIENTE (TBC)

16.00 Brandolini, UTILITALIA (TBC)

16.15 Representative of Lombardy Region (TBC)

16.30 Representative of Emilia Romagna Region (TBC)

16.45 The point of view of the waste management plant – A2A experience

17.00– 17.30 Conclusions
Marco Steardo, President of C&I waste section of FISE Assoambiente