• Tuesday, November 3, 2020
  • 14:30 - 17:00
  • Memo
  • Ravezzi 2 South Hall
  • Italian
  • English

Organized by: Utilitalia and Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee


The constant increase in separate collection has highlighted the need (urgency) to build a national plant system capable of adequately treating not only municipal waste (separately collected and mixed), but also industrial waste produced by sorting of separate collection streams and by recycling processes (paper mill pulper, MBT screening materials, sewage sludge, car fluff, etc.). The lack of waste infrastructures, difficulties in social acceptance by the local communities together with the weakness of the political decision-makers (careful to manage the consensus rather than strategic choices), the unsteady evolution of end-of-waste legislation, the market difficulty of absorbing secondary raw materials, the growing exports of waste and the widespread of illegality photograph a national situation of extreme fragility, highlighting the urgency of transparent decision-making processes, simplification, investments and innovation. The conference will explore these issues through the comparison between institutions and public authorities, waste management companies and associations at European and national level.

Section chair
Filippo Brandolini, Vice President Utilitalia


14:30 Introduction and coordination by the Chairman

International session
European Association representing recycling companies
European system of Extended Producer Responsibility

National session
Company / Research Institute highlighting economic aspects
Case study of a territorial authority / institution that deals with planning of waste management
Case study of a municipal waste operator
Case study of a National Association representing recycling companies
Ministry of Economic Development (TBC)

16:30 Conclusions
Filippo Brandolini - Vice President of Utilitalia

16:45 Call for papers

Oral presentation

Enhancement of sewage sludge: the experience of the SLUDGE 4.0 project
Riccardo Gori, Università Firenze, Massimo Aiello, Acea Ambiente Acque Industriali

Experimental production of SYNGAS from sewage sludge, leaves, mowing and pruning
Giuseppe Paolo Bobbio, Amag Reti Gas

Poster session

WMV2- 1 Recovery techniques of the "Fluff" deriving from the WEEE chain
Nicotra, Pagano, Pandetta, Lanzafame, Failla

WMV2- 2 Decarbonization of the cement industry – production of solid fuel from non-hazardous waste
Bruno, Vazzano, Del Fiume, Zerbo, Pulvirent

WMV2- 3 Waste-to-material: recovering special waste with a biorefinery
Moscato, Callejo Munoz, Panza, Sedano, Gonzalez Egidio, Diéz