Ecomondo 2022
  • Wednesday, November 9, 2022
  • 10:00 - 13:00
  • Memo
  • Tiglio 1 Room A6 Pav
  • Italian

Organized by: Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee & National Agrifood Cluster CL.A.N.

The Italian agri-food system has always been a model of sustainable production and consumption, able to combine the growing needs of the world population with the competitiveness of agri-food systems while respecting environment, local communities, and social growth. The agri-food chain, which Cluster CL.A.N. represents at different levels, is aware of how the use of agricultural resources in all their components (including by-products and residues), in compliance with the rules for the protection of health and environment, creates a virtuous circle functional to the implementation of the EU Circular Economy current policies and regulations. At this regard, it is essential to accelerate the research and implementation of alternatives in the management of waste, energy (from renewable sources, but with a low environmental impact at the end of life) and water (reduction of losses and waste, recovery and process water sanitization, desalination, etc.), and on the sustainable management of packaging and related waste.
All this without forgetting, especially in the persistent climate of uncertainty due to the complex contingent circumstances, that the sustainability of agri-food systems will be achieved only by combining the three pillars (environmental, social, and economic) according to a principle of equal balance between them. The workshop organized by Cluster CL.A.N. will be an opportunity to let Cluster members (companies, research, and territories) express their opinions on these issues. The outputs will be collected into a Position Paper to be shared with interested institutions and stakeholders.

Session Chairs

Mauro Fontana, President of the National Agrifood Cluster CL.A.N.
Massimo Iannetta, President of the CL.A.N. Scientific and Technical Committee


10.00-10.05 Opening and welcome words
Mauro Fontana, President CL.A.N.

10.05-10.20 Setting the scene of Italian and European bioeconomy
Giorgio Urbano, Manager of Industrial Sustainability Strategy Rina Consulting

10.20-12.45 Round Table: talk contributions by Cluster Members
Moderator: Massimo Iannetta, President Scientific and Technical Committee CL.A.N.

10.20-11.20 The point of view of Cluster associated companies
Ambrogio Invernizzi, President In.Al.Pi. S.p.A.
Alice La Tona, Innovation Director Mutti S.p.A.
Rosario Rago, President Rago Group
Andrea Rigoni, CEO Rigoni di Asiago S.r.l.

11.20-11.50 The point of view of Cluster associated R&D bodies
Veronica Lattanzio, Senior Researcher at CNR and Coordinator of FoodSafety4EU project - FoodSafety4EU multistakeholder platform for food safety in Europe 

Davide Viaggi, Full Professore University of Bologna - Sustainable and circular innovation through supply chain relationships and education: the CONSOLE and BIOBEC projects

11.50-12.30 The point of view of Cluster associated territorial institutions
Luciano Concezzi, Head of innovation and research Dept. at Parco Tecnologico 3A - Regione Umbria - Regional actions for the circular economy and sustainable development

Valeria Fascione, Councilor for Research, Innovation and Start-up at Campania Region (tbc)

12.30-12.45 Summary of Round Table outcomes
Patrizia Brigidi, Vicepresident of Scientific and Technical Committee CL.A.N. and CL.A.N. representative within the National Bioeconomy Coordination Board

12.45-13.00 Key conclusions
Representative of italian Ministry for Ecological Transition (TBC)

13.00 Closing remarks
Mauro Fontana, President CL.A.N.