Ecomondo 2022
  • Tuesday, November 8, 2022
  • 14:00 - 18:00
  • Memo
  • Noce Room A6 Pav
  • Italian

Organized by: Ecomondo STC, ENEA e SUN (Symbiosis Users Network)                                   


Industrial symbiosis is a crucial tool for reducing dependence on raw materials, boosting competitiveness and the post-Covid economy and increasing the resilience through the establishment of territorial ecosystems able to absorb exogenous imbalances. In 2017, the Italian document “Towards a Model of Circular Economy for Italy - Overview and Strategic Framework” drawn up by the Ministries of the Environment and of the Economic Development, underlined the importance of industrial symbiosis as a tool for system eco-innovation, highlighting the need to set up an organic and systematic portfolio of economic and financial instruments to support businesses. In this direction, in 2021 the updated "National strategy for the circular economy", foreseen among the 63 fundamental reforms for the implementation of the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan, identified industrial symbiosis as one of the nine areas of intervention necessary to achieve the transition towards the circular economy in our Country, also providing support for the development of projeSTC, also through specific regulatory and financial instruments.

That event, now in its sixth edition, offers an opportunity to take stock of the road travelled so far and to define the goals that are to be achieved in the future in terms of policies and real operational cases.

Session Chair

Laura Cutaia, ENEA – SUN Symbiosis Users Network


14.00-14.10 Introduction

14.10-14.50 Invited speakers
Representative of Italian Ministry for Ecological Transition (TBC)
Representative of Italian Ministry of Economic Development (TBC)
Representative of Confindustria (General Confederation of Italian Industry) (TBC)

14.50-15.50 Invited speakers – technical
Industrial symbiosis project (european/international) (TBD)
Industrial areas (TBD)
National Program (TBD)
SUN - GdL4 “Certification and standardization of industrial symbiosis” (TBD)
SUN - GdL5 “Industrial symbiosis plans and programs in Europe or in the world” (TBD)

15.50-17.50 Speeches from Call for papers

17.50-18.00 Discussion and Closure by the chair