Organized by: Ecomondo Technical Scientific Committee

The session preliminary provides an overview of floods and landslides risk in Italy, sistematically causing huge consequences, stressing the challenges related to the updating of risk zoning passing from the River Basin Authorities to the Hydrograph District (according to the European Directive). Then, the session furnishes criteria and tools for a sustainable risk management that must be necessarily based on a set of measures consisting in alarm systems, urban planning and control works. To this end the session focuses on new technologies and theories that can allow a significant risk mitigation and a reduction of costs in comparison to the current ones. Considering the several factors influencing a sustainable risk management, the attention is finally paid to the political and regulations issues that can help to transform the current difficulties into opportunities and a new country's development

Programme to be defined
1. Flooding and landslides risk in Italy
2. From River Basin Authorities to Hydrograph Districts
  2.1 The Po District
  2.2 The … District
  2.3 The South Appennine District
3. A sustainable flooding risk mitigation
  3.1 Prediction interventions
  3.2  Prevention interventions
4. A sustainable landslides risk mitigation
  4.1 Prediction interventions
  4.2 Prevention interventions
5. Towards a new industry for flooding and landslides risk management

Discussion and Closure