Bioeconomy of the Mediterranean region is lagging behind if compared with Northern EU Regions, despite the prominent local availability of agro, forestry and marine bioresources, and rural and marginal lands. This is mostly due to the fact that the area is adversely impacted by marked climate change impacts, with high levels of hydric stress etc that are negatively impacting on the whole primary production. Such environment negatively affects standards of living, with social and economic stress as a major cause of instability, which in turn contributes to migration, both internally, from rural to urban territories, and externally, with migrations in particular towards Europe. A sustainable management of water provision and use and of food systems is urgently required along with specific local actions addressed to sustainably regenerate and exploit local agriculture, forestry and local biobased industry and marine and maritime sectors.  PRIMA and BLUEMED initiative as well as UfM, aiming all at a long-term coordination of European and non EU Countries of the area towards R&I activities in the field of bioeconomy, are creating the trans-national synergies and complementarities, providing added value to regional, national and EU investments, required for the promotion of Mediterranean primary production and industry, with, in turn, positive impacts on local social cohesion and political stability.




14.00 Welcome

Paolo Bonaretti, ASTER & Italian Ministry for the Territorial Cohesion

Catia Bastioli, Novamont & IT Technology Cluster Green Chemistry


14.20 Round table: State-of-the-art of Bioeconomy in the Mediterranean region


Marco Villani, Ministero Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale

Lucia Gardossi, University of Trieste and IT Technology Cluster Green Chemistry


14.30 Introduction: State-of-the-art, needs and opportunities of Bioeconomy in the Mediterranean area

Fabio Fava, IT Representative for Bioeconomy in Horizon2020, PPP BBI JU, BLUEMED 


14.50 View and actions of international initiatives promoting bioeconomy potential in the area


Philippe Mengal, BBI JU

Fabio Fava, BLUEMED initiative

Francesco Loreto, PRIMA

Eleni Hatziyanni, Conférence des Régions Périphériques Maritime (CRPM)

Mladen Todorovic, CIHEAM

Lucio Ubertini IHP-UNESCO

Paolo Galletta, Italian Agency of Territorial Cohesion


16.10 Round table: How local stakeholders can contribute exploiting bioeconomy potential of the Region


Philippe Mengal, BBI JU

Francesco Capozzi, University of Bologna 



Giulia Gregori, Italian Technology Cluster Green Chemistry

Paolo Bonaretti, Italian Technology Cluster Agrifood

Emilio Fortunato Campana, Italian Technology Cluster BlueGrowth

Giovanni Tumbiolo, Fishery District of Mazara del Vallo

F. Villa, M. Vaccari, S. Gibellini - CeTAmb LAB

S. Sorlini, University of Brescia 

A. Bonoli, University of Bologna


17.20 Conclusions and future actions

James Philp, OCSE

Fabio Fava, IT Representative for Bioeconomy in Horizon2020, PPP BBI JU, BLUEMED


EN/IT translation will be provided