Organized by: ENEA, Edizioni Ambiente, Renewable Matter and  Ecomondo Technical Scientific Committee

The way forward to Circular Economy is mainly based on a new industrial approach based on resource efficiency and sustainable raw materials use and supply. Starting from the design of products and production processes the closure of loops shall be aimed at, along the entire products value chain by means of innovative technologies, methodologies and new business models. The key issue of sustainable use and supply of raw materials. The big businesses can play a significant role in the transition towards circular economy as best practice drivers within their production chain and extendable to further sectors as success example. Within this framework, some concrete examples for sustainable industries are present at national level with particular reference to Eco-design implementation and industrial symbiosis.

Targeted Audience: Large, medium and small enterprises, Industrial associations, scientific community, public administration

Programme 9th November


Section Chairs

Roberto Morabito, ENEA

Roberto Coizet, Edizioni Ambiente


Key players in the Circular Economy


9.30 Introduction


10.00-11.00 Networks / Utilities

Enel, Hera, AMA, CdC RAEE

11.00-12.00 Production (Big e Sme)

Novamont, Barilla, Cna, Fise Unire

12.00-12.45 Innovation & Finance

Accenture, Intesa San Paolo, fondo d’investimento


12.45-13.30 Discussion and closure


EN/IT translation will be provided