Organized by ASTER S.cons.p.A., BioMethER coordinator

The workshop will explore the technical challenges connected to the upgrading of landfill and wastewater biogas to biomethane. After showing a selection of success cases on existing plants in Europe, the different regulatory approaches for the final biomethane use at European level will be compared. The aim of the workshop is to provide sound scientific background and practical examples of the final use of biomethane produced by these two types of biogas. The workshop is organised within the BioMethER LIFE+ project, which aims at developing the biogas/biomethane value chain in Emilia-Romagna.

Targeted audience: National and International regulators, multiutilities, natural gas grid managers, business associations



Stefano Valentini, ASTER, BioMethER coordinator

Sergio Piccinini, CRPA BioMethER  scientific coordinator




14:00 Welcome and introduction - Attilio Raimondi, Emilia-Romagna Region


14:10 European Biomethane potential - Arthur Wellinger, European Biogas Association


14:50 Case studies

Biomethane production and use from landfill biogas: experience from Sweden -

Gianandrea Ragno, Malmberg


Biomethane production and use from anaerobic digestion biogas: Italian Case

Upgrading Technologies - Mauro Senili, SOL

Biomethane from wastewater sludge: Roncocesi Plant - Stefano Amelio, IREN

Biomethane from Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste – Maurizio Pastori, Green Methane


Biomethane production in France: BIOVALSAN LIFE tbc


16:30 Future challenges

Towards a Smart Gas Grid: Green Gas Network LIFE – Daniele Rossi (Pietro Fiorentini)


16:50 Discussion and concluding remarks


Workshop held in english language