Organized by: Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee, FISE UniCircular / Edizioni Ambiente

Over the pasty twenty years, the frontiers of recycling have advanced at a dizzy speed. This event focuses on innovative technologies and materials, in a view of circular economy. Particularly, new recycling fields for materials as rubber, plastics, textiles, oils/solvents and  organic materials will be presented, providing examples of advanced technologies for the treatment and recycling of particular categories of waste.

Section Chair and Moderator

Andrea Fluttero, President of FISE UNIcircular


2.30 Introduction by the Chair

3.00 Panel discussion:

Section 1: Ecodesign and innovative technologies for Circular Economy

Participants: Treee (Recycling of photovoltaic panels) - Rubber Conversion (de-vulcanization) – GR3N (PET recycling) – EcoPlasTeam (Recycling of poly-laminates)

Section 2: New products and materials for Circular Economy

Participants: Giuliano Greco (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia), Martelli (Panels from orange scraps) – RiceHouse (Panels from rice)– Radici (Clothing recycle /ecodesign)- Calchera San Giorgio (Building) – Stone Italia (Aggregates) – RemeTe (WEEE) - Ciaotech -

5.00 Political interventions and conclusions
Patti L’Abbate, Senator

Conference held in italian language