Organized by: Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee, European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP), Italian Phosphorus Platform, German Phosphorus Platform, HERA, Marche Politechnic University, Utilitalia, Confagricoltura

Phosphorus is a critical raw material, non-renewable resource, non-substitutable for food production, essential for agriculture and directly linked to food security, as well as being important in a range of other industrial and technical uses. Europe is severely dependent on extra-EU mines and the most important use of imported phosphorus in Europe is for mineral fertilizers. On the one hand, recovery from municipal wastewater (sewage sludge), animal manure and other biowaste sources can cover most of the EU demand. On the other hand, inefficient use of Phosphorus causes environmental damage. At EU level the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform and several member states are promoting and regulating Phosphorus recovery from municipal wastewater and other waste and residue biomass flows. In Italy the recently founded phosphorus platform is boosting national policies and regulations to promote sustainable management of this critical raw material. This strategic action will therefore present and discuss the EU framework and the actions in place in Italy for sustainable Phosphorus management.

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Section Chairs

Francesco Fatone (ECOMONDO CTS and Horizon2020 “SMART-Plant” Coordinator)
Ludwig Hermann (European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform)
Alberto Zolezzi, Massimo De Rosa, Promoters of the Italian Phosphorus Platform
Claudio Anzalone, HERA Group

DAY 2, 09/November/2018


9.00 – 10.00 Registration European Nutrient Event Day 2

10.00 – 10.50 Opening Plenary – where we come from

Ludwig Hermann – President of European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP)

Vincenzo Gente - EC-EASME
Overview of nutrient related H2020 and Life projects in Europe

Annika Eskusson, European Commission, DG RTD
EU roadmap to sustainable management of nutrients

 Kimo van Dijk – research project manager ESPP
Inventory of 100++ nutrient related projects and research underway - summary of 1st (Berlin 2015) and 2nd (Basel 2017) European Nutrient R&D events

Questions and discussion

 10.50 – 11.20 Coffee break (offered by HERA Group)

 11.20 – 12.40 Current nutrient research – what is going on projects speed date presentations

Speed date presentations of about 25 key nutrient research projects. Representatives of selected projects present their specific approach and share results. Projects from different sectors covering different topics, waste flows and countries. Projects presented are a selection of all nutrient related research going on in Europe and covered by the ESPP catalogue of nutrient recycling and stewardship research projects:

Projects yet confirmed that will give a presentation:

H2020 funding: AgroCycle, Circular Agronomics, HYDROUSA, INCOVER, Pegasus, PFeWTR, Run4Life, SABANA, SYSTEMIC, Water2Return

INTERREG funding: BEST, No_Waste, NuReDrain, Phos4You, SEABASED

LIFE funding: DOP, Newbies, Trialkyl, Vitisom

Other funding: BiofuelcellAPP, HTC, MIND-P, PARFORCE, RAVITA, StraPhos, ViviMag

Questions and discussion

Ludwig Hermann – President ESPP
Introduction to afternoon work objectives and method: discussion of R&D needs related to nutrients in FP9 and possible “Mission” on nutrients, based on proposed Mission outline developed by SYSTEMIC / ESPP / International Nitrogen Management System (INMS) / Biorefine Cluster Europe

12.40 – 13.45 Light lunch

13.45 – 15.00 Future challenges in nutrient research, development, innovation and implementation

Small group discussions on projects underway and research needs (in particular with reference to FP9) in different targeted areas.

Discussion leader(s) provide for each table a short 3 minutes introduction then moderate and ensure reporting. Example of potential topics are:

•           Phosphorus recycling in dairy industry
•           Phosphorus efficiency in livestock and feed
•           Manure processing and products
•           Technical phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge and sludge ashes
•           Smart city and urban nutrient cycles
•           Agricultural soils, water, drainage and eutrophication
•           Municipal sewage biosolids use as organic fertiliser
•           Organic farming and nutrient recycling
•           New innovative sustainable fertilisers
•           Agricultural and food industry wastes
•           Digestates processing and nutrient recovery
•           Water reuse and nutrient recycling
•           New (source separated) sanitation
•           Nutrient trading and policies
•           Urban green- and biowaste
•           Slaughter industry and animal by-products
•           Low-level phosphorus discharges
•           Nutrient recycling with algae cultivation
•           Closed loop nutrient cycles in horticulture (hydrophonics and aquaphonics)
•           Efficient carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycling in the agri-food system
•           Sea and river (beds) nutrient recovery
•           Food, diets, nutrition and safety
•           System analysis: data, monitoring and flows
•           Micronutrients recycling

15.00 – 15.30 Coffee break (offered by HERA Group)

15.30 – 17.00 Plenary panel discussion about nutrient research needs in next Horizon Europe (FP9) with a panel of the table leaders and the morning speakers, DG RTD (represented by Pavel Misiga), EASME and DG AGRI (TBC).